Missing Teeth

Dr Kate takes pride in helping you get the perfect replacement tooth or teeth. There are many different options to help with missing teeth, but most importantly, the replacement teeth should look like your own and colour match your own perfectly. Dr Kate has attached the Las Vegas institute for advanced dental studies, where she studied advanced techniques for tooth colour restorations.

There are a couple of different ways of replacement missing teeth. The top of a single tooth can be replaced with a crown, or an entire tooth can be replaced with an implant. In other situations where multiple teeth are missing, a bridge might be the best option. Implants are set into the jaw bone and are as solid as your own teeth. Bridges fill the gap by linking to existing teeth on either side and they are quicker to have fitted.

The Dental Lounge is well equipped to take care of your teeth and match you with the perfect crown, bridge or implant to replace your missing teeth.

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